SLOOP Consulting b.v.

If all people in this world enjoyed a standard of living similar to the western world, we would require several ‘earth planets’ to provide sufficient food and resources to meet our needs. Since we “don’t even have two” planets, SLOOP advocates “Sustainable Living On One Planet”....and hence the company name!

We find the short video (35sec) made by WWF captures it very well.

SLOOP Consulting b.v. (or SLOOP as we prefer to be known) is one of very few consultancies to be focussed specifically on making the packaging we produce, use and throw away more sustainable.

The knowledge and experience SLOOP will bring to your business has been acquired over the last 2 decades; primarily through a “hands on” approach whilst working for a major global multinational food, home and personal care company. This company is widely recognised by industry for both it’s thought leadership on Sustainability and, more importantly, putting this thinking into action.

To ensure that SLOOP provides you with the latest sustainability thinking and developments and that these are tailored to your business’s needs, SLOOP will, when necessary, draw on an extensive network of sustainability leaders and organisations relevant to your needs.

We have tried to capture some of the sustainability issues, knowledge and experience relating to packaging in this website.

However, given the rapid pace of development in this field, we would much prefer to discuss your needs, questions and projects at an obligation free meeting with you.

The SLOOP objective: To increase the sustainability of your packaging and business.

Our belief: It can always be more sustainable!

Yours sincerely

Graham Houlder
Founder and Managing Director
SLOOP Consulting b.v.